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The Rules of Online Strategy

everyone is anonymous 

everything is live 

everything is open – all the time 

everything is interactive  

everything is extendable 

nothing exists in isolation – realtive position is hard to control 

it is always evolving 

it is everything – it is nothing (but a set of tools) 

50% escapist, 50% more real than ever 

the old world has no special power 

the internet has a long memory 

as soon as you have worked out the rules – all the rules will change

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is about to go through a seismic shift where the boundaries between media and content are blurring rapidly.

An excellent example of the principle can be seen here:

Rollover the banner ad on the RHS of the page. 
This banner removes the need for 3 clicks on the equivalent website?!

This principle raises significant questions of how we should approach banner and web design…in fact all of our work

This is a trend that won’t go away – and is happening in it’s most basic form with Google’s enhanced listings. 
E.g. for a business listing on Google – you can now see phone number and map straight away on Google– these are two of the biggest reasons why people visit company websites.
Also the placement of site search and main menu items on Google listings removes the need for many homepages.
This phenomenon is shaking the very heart of conventional Internet Marketing strategies – it challenges the traditional boundaries between creative and media agencies…but ultimately delivers the consumer a much more intuitive and less painful experience.

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